The Hair Saga Continues…

Why is hair always a thing around here? I have boys. It’s supposed to be simple. A trim here and there and you call it good, right?

No. That is so totally not the case in my family. I’ve written about our hair dilemmas before. Now two more people have opinions on the subject. Burtch and Lawson have big ideas about what kind of haircuts they should have.

Burtch decided one day that he needed to get a dinosaur haircut. Everybody knows that dinosaur haircuts are totally in right now.

What do you mean you don’t know what a dinosaur haircut is? You must not be up on the latest in hair-doos.

Ok. So I didn’t know what that meant either. Nor did the haircut lady. Burtch’s description involved several horns and different colors. And then he said he couldn’t decide between a regular dinosaur haircut, the pterodactyl cut or a triceratops cut.


He eventually settled on just a regular dinosaur haircut. Which the sweet beautician and I decided that was probably the same as a “faux-hawk.” Not too crazy but crazy enough to be perceived by a five-year old as a dino style.

He looked super cute. And he was so excited about it…

Of course Lawson wasn’t going to sport just a regular old haircut now that his older brother was rocking the latest in Jurassic style. He joined in the fun. After a few tears were shed over the decision of whether to go with the triceratops or pterodactyl look he finally decided to go with the pterodactyl coif.

Please don’t tell Lawson the pterodactyl haircut is exactly the same as the regular dinosaur haircut.

Aren’t I such a cool mom for letting my babies get little punkish haircuts? Well, if you said “Yes, Ashley is the coolest mom for letting her babies choose their own little punkish haircuts!” Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

I let Lawson look online with me at pictures of little boy haircuts so he could pick out what style he would like next.

And he picked one. It certainly wasn’t the sweet little bowl cut I was directing him toward.

He kept asking for that cut over and over for several months. Finally, I told him to ask his dad- assuming The Pilot would say “no way in hell!” And The Pilot said, “sure!” assuming I would say “no way in hell!”

Then one day Lawson asked again. And I got a wild hair up my ass. Life is short and hair grows back.

I busted out my set of clippers that I bought a few years ago but had always been too scared to use and I gave Lawson that haircut. (Four year olds are so trusting.)

Here it is. The Spiderman haircut.


And I think he likes it…



Oh, I love that sweet boy.

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2 Responses to The Hair Saga Continues…

  1. Mara says:

    Wow!! You are brave :) the boys look so handsome!

  2. Julie says:

    Love the haircut. You are the coolest Mom.

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