Nine Things I Want To Say.

1- As soon as Fisher (my youngest) turns 15 the boys and I are going to audition for Family Feud. That’s the real reason I had four kids…because you need a team of five to “play the Feud!” I hope Steve Harvey is still the host then. I just love him.

2- Lawson’s alter ego is Adventure Man.


3-My sweet Burtchie-potomous picks flowers for me every time he goes outside. It sure makes my heart feel good.

burtch 521

4-Since I wrote this post almost four years ago about Burtch eating a tick I have received two emails from panicked moms saying their child had done the same. They wanted to know if he turned out ok…And I say, “He’s perfect!”


5-I love roly poly babies!


6- Most of the people who find my blog from Google are searching for “naked mothers on tractors.” How disappointing for those folks. If that’s you. Google failed you.

7-The second most searched term that lands people here is “Poise Pad.” If that’s you, welcome! You’ll probably fit in here.

8- To make sure I blog more I’ve hired another writer to help out…I think I’ll let him start by writing #9 on this list.


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2 Responses to Nine Things I Want To Say.

  1. Ruth King says:

    Dear Hamlin, [I hope I have the right one], Your typing skills sure have me baffled. I’m sure you must be a secret spy and this is your secret code. I’m still working on breaking the code. Think I’ll be here a while.

    • Ashley says:

      Ruth, please let me know when you break Hamlin’s communication code. I’ll need you to translate the following so that he will understand: Hamlin, I love you but QUIT CLIMBING ONTO THE KITCHEN COUNTER!

      Thanks Ruth!

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