Merry Christmas to The Pilot

The Pilot said all he wants for Christmas is for the boys to get a haircut. And he doesn’t mean a trim. He means short. Like short-short.

I can sort of understand this. He’s a military fella and they believe in short hair.

But I’m a mama. And they are my babies. And they have beautiful hair.

     Ok, bad examples. Lord knows, we all have bad hair days. Let’s try again…

      As you can see in the top picture, Burtch’s hair really isn’t that long. I’ve trimmed it a few times and I consider his hair to be short(er).

     The Pilot disagrees.

     I will admit that Lawson’s hair is long. But I love it so much! It suits him. Ok, it suits me. Did I mention that I love it? Because I do.

     Yes, they have both been mistaken for girls. Yes, many times. And again- yes, it’s true that most times I don’t correct the mistake.

     In my defense, the people (usually old men) will comment in passing how pretty my girls are. What am I supposed to do chase him down, grab hold of his walker and say “What’s the matter with you old geezer? Are you blind? ” To which he would likely reply, “Why yes ma’am, I actually am legally blind.”

     Plus it just doesn’t bother me. The Pilot on the other hand feels that it’s his fatherly duty to holler “Hey, they’re boys!” But the old men must always have their hearing aids turned down because they never even look back.

     So in the spirit of the season I decided I would give The Pilot a reprieve from defending the strength of his Y chromosomes. Afterall, it was his ONLY Christmas wish. And the man does work really hard to support us. He deserves it.

     Today I filled my purse with bribes (suckers and gummy bears) and I took my babies to get haircuts.

     Burtch went first. He climbed up in the chair like an old pro and was very cooperative while licking his hair covered sucker. Here’s his before shot…Goodbye curls. Sniff.

     Lawson, on the other hand, was on my team. He wasn’t so sure about this plan to rid him of his long and luscious blondish locks. I had to restrain hold him in my lap.

     Look how traumatized he was!

     Ok, he might have warmed up to the idea after a little while. Or maybe I was exaggerating. Whatever.

     While I was sitting there holding down Lawson, I got to thinking about important things like marriage and compromise. Then it hit me. There is a perfect compromise for parents who disagree on what length their little boy’s hair should be…

     Oh, I think you know where I’m going with this one…

     Business in the front! Party in the back!

     I think I’ve finally come up with a good explanation for why the mullett was invented-to prevent divorces! I solved a mystery that’s plagued mankind for decades. You’re welcome.

     After a few minutes of contemplation Lawson decided that the Joe Dirt look just wasn’t his thing and the hairdresser graciously chopped of the party in the rear.

     I now have two little boys that really look like little boys.


     The Pilot’s Christmas wish came true- his boys’ haircuts are now shorter than Justin Bieber’s. Isn’t that funny that The Pilot uses Justin Bieber as his hair-do benchmark?

     I think they look totally handsome. But I also know that their hair grows faster than kudzu in Alabama and old men will be calling them pretty again in no time.

     I hope.

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas to The Pilot

  1. Esther says:

    Wow, all this time I thought you had 2 girls! Those are really handsome little men.
    Love ya,

  2. Oh, I loved their long hair, but their haircuts are adorable!! Hope your husband was happy :)

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