Boys In A Box

This is a treadmill box turned tree fort. Well, most days it’s a tree fort. Sometimes it’s a pirate ship or a restaurant or a rocket on the moon.

The one problem with the treadmill box tree fort is that it’s not waterproof. And sadly for the boys it rained all day on Tuesday and their fort is disintegrating. When Burtch noticed this he said, “Aww, damn.” I need to have a serious talk with The Pilot about the words he uses around our kids.

Hold on. There are actually two problems with the treadmill box tree fort. It’s mere existence indicates the fact that I now own a treadmill and I’m obligated to use it. Aww, damn.

Maybe The Pilot wasn’t at fault for that one.


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2 Responses to Boys In A Box

  1. aunt julie says:

    I can’t believe how big your darling boys are getting. This will be an amazing Christmas. Keep posting pics of Hamlin, too. Love to all. Aunt J

  2. Esther says:

    What great adventures those 2 have and a lot more await them! Can’t wait to see what 3 boys can get into.

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