And now I can stop shaving my arm pits

Because that is what people do that use…


And if you said “Eww, gross!” you would be exactly like me four years ago. And if you said “I’d like to cloth diaper but I googled it and there are too many choices and too many acronyms and I can’t understand what the heck these cloth diapering hippies are talking about,”  then you are just like I was three years ago. And if you said “OMG! I love my little fluffy-butted baby and I started to save money but I’m going broke trying new diapers,” then you are my mirror image. Except I would never say “OMG.” But it’s cool that you do. Really it is.

So that was my thinly veiled confession that I have a problem. I can’t stop buying cloth diapers.

It’s true that they are more economical- if you don’t continue buying them at the same rate you would buy disposables.

I became interested in them after I accidentally washed one of my oldest son’s disposable diapers in the washing machine when he was a baby. It burst and made a gigantic mess. When I started to clean the diaper innards from the machine it burned my hands. Not like a “I need to go to the ER” burn but more like a “what the hell is this and why can’t I make it stop” burn. You know, the kind of burn I imagine gonorrhea to be. Not that I’ve imagined what gonorrhea feels like.

I didn’t want a disposable diaper to burst while my baby was wearing it so I started researching cloth. What I found was a bunch of women speaking in acronyms that I couldn’t decipher. But what I did understand is that they were nutcases. We’re talking about a piece of clothing that has the sole purpose of catching pee and poop. PEE and POOP, people. And they were obsessed.

Now I am obsessed.

I have now become one of those mothers. I can’t stop reading about cloth diapers. The brands, laundry routines, detergents, sunning, prefolds, fitteds, AIOs, AI2s, aplix or snaps, sprayers, wool, microfiber, hemp, bamboo, cotton-bleached, unbleached, organic. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!

Take a breath, Ashley.

This is insanity, ya’ll. I even emailed several manufacturers to inquire about opening an online cloth diaper shop. The Pilot emphatically said that this was a bad idea. He said he was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself and I would either use them all or give them away so I could get other people hooked. You know, the old “the first hit is always free” sales tactic.

Alas, here I am on the internet writing about cloth diapers while trying my best not to read any of the hundreds of cloth diaper forums and buy/sell/trade pages. Instead of fueling my own addiction I’m recruiting others.

But do you see how much Hamlin likes them?


I just need to find a new environmentally friendly  area to focus my attention.

I think  I’ll go google “family cloth.” I wonder if I can convince The Pilot…

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3 Responses to And now I can stop shaving my arm pits

  1. Nicole says:

    I am currently similarly smitten with natural deodorant. I’m still going to shave my armpits though. We can only go so hippie, am I right?

  2. Kerrie Osborn says:

    Yes, I can testify that I loved the cloth diapers too! Especially when you research what the disposable ones do to the environment. My current obsession for the environment is recycling…even pull things out of the trash can to inform my family that “hey this doesn’t go in here….it is recyclable!!” Sure that think I am loco!

    On a side note, while visiting Morgan at LSU, I noted a student that had obviously decided to go hippie and not shave her legs. Not a pretty site…. I would stick with other hippie obsessions!

  3. Amber says:

    I think cloth diapers are adorable. I know I wouldn’t have the patience for them but they are cute.

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